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Events Calendar - September 17 2019

17th, Tuesday

The Step Up For Blue campaign empowers men to take control of their health — and encourages their loved ones to support them.

September was designated as National Blood Cancer Awareness Month in 2010 by the United States Congress.


Every 3 minutes someone in the United States is diagnosed with a blood cancer. That means that during September, Blood Cancer Awareness Month, more than 14,000 people will be diagnosed.

Chicago, IL
United States

The ASTRO Annual Meeting is the world's most important meeting for the radiation oncology community, with more than 11,000 people attending each year.

17th, Tuesday

The Alliance for Aging Research will host expert panels of U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) leadership to reflect on the progress of recently-implemented policy changes designed to improve the health of older Americans. During the panel discussions, our experts will offer insights on future changes that … Continued

17th, Tuesday

Heroes in Health: An Evening to Celebrate Engagement, Compassion, and Healthy Aging The Alliance will proudly honor individuals for their contributions to advance the science of human aging.