Astellas and patient advocates discuss best practices for patient involvement in clinical trials

Jun 22, 2016

Research shows that patient involvement in biomedical research results in easier recruitment of participants, improved efficiency and more relevant findings. This was the topic of a recent panel discussion hosted by Astellas and including approximately 57 representatives from advocacy organizations.

The event, titled “Changing Tomorrow: Collaborating to Enhance Clinical Trials,” took place June 5 during the American Society of Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting in Chicago.  In keeping with ASCO’s theme for the meeting, “Collective Wisdom: The Future of Patient-Centered Care and Research,” panelists and audience members at the Astellas event discussed best practices for collaboration between patients, patient groups and industry for the improvement of clinical trial design and the patient experience.

The panel participants included:

  • Wendy K.D. Selig, Founder, CEO, WS Collaborative; president, National Coalition for Cancer Research (moderator).
  • Claire Thom, SVP, therapeutic area head for Oncology, Astellas.
  • Peter Sandor, VP, Oncology Marketing Strategy, Astellas.
  • Andrea Ferris, President, LUNGevity.
  • Victoria Kennedy, vice president, Cancer Support Community.

“We know that patient participation results in better clinical trials, including more relevant research findings,” Thom said. “However, the framework for where and how patients are involved in the research process is still evolving. The ASCO panel discussion allowed us to identify barriers to creating successful working relationships and to talk openly about ways to overcome these.”

“Astellas is committed to making the clinical trial experience more productive and meaningful for patients,” said Margaret Long, Vice President of Business Communications and Stakeholder Engagement at Astellas. “Conversations like the one that took place at ASCO are invaluable in helping us determine how best to involve patients across the research continuum.”

The panelists fielded wide-ranging questions related to patient involvement in clinical trials, addressing the impact of trial design on patients’ lifestyles, the need to align on meaningful trial outcomes and how patient-related learnings are best shared within the research community.


Astellas and patient advocates discuss best practices for patient involvement in clinical trials

Astellas Patient Advocacy is a function within Corporate Affairs at Astellas that focuses on creating, building and maintaining third-party relationships. We serve as a conduit between Astellas and external stakeholders to help improve patient outcomes, improve access issues and address patients’ unmet needs head on.