Be active – in every sense – and support World Cancer Day 2017

Feb 2, 2017
Be active – in every sense – and support World Cancer Day 2017

Despite major advances made in cancer care over the past decade, the number of people diagnosed with the disease worldwide is gradually increasing with the number of new cases expected to rise a staggering 70 percent over the next two decades.1 By 2030, the number of cancer deaths worldwide is estimated to reach approximately 13.2 million.2

On Feb. 4, organizations around the world will join forces and attempt to improve these statistics by raising awareness and promoting greater medical research into the disease.

Coordinated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), World Cancer Day plays host to hundreds of projects and initiatives run by companies around the world.

Consisting of more than 1,000 members from 155 countries worldwide, the UICC’s aim is focused on nine targets to be achieved by 2025, ranging from strengthening healthcare systems for better cancer control to improving the education and training of healthcare professionals.

We Can. I Can

This year, to help highlight the importance of physical activity in the fight against cancer, World Cancer Day is harnessing the power of sport by encouraging sports fans, organizations and personalities to use their voice and reach through the ‘Support through Sport’ initiative. As part of World Cancer Day’s three-year ‘We Can, I Can’ campaign, Support through Sport is encouraging everyone to show how sport can help support the fight against cancer.

The reasoning behind the theme is twofold. First, sport is relatively accessible and universal, and as World Cancer Day will be on a weekend in 2017, this is a chance to reach more people. Second, encouraging exercise and healthier living could help people live better lives, in turn reducing their risk of cancer, but also plays an important part in the treatment and recovery process.

Supporting organizations are encouraged to host their own events, support others and promote the message as much as possible through their own channels, using the #WeCanICan and #WorldCancerDay hashtags when posting content on social media.

For individuals, posts can range from a simple photograph of the hashtags scrawled on a ball, racket or hand, to a photo of a person’s favorite sports team.

The ‘We Can, I Can’ message will be further amplified through the use of a Thunderclap campaign to ensure the directive is heard by as many people as possible.

Alongside social media, World Cancer Day is providing interested organizations with toolkits and promotional material to help them show their support for the cause. Materials including custom poster templates, fact sheets, social media banners and even an infographic.

A number of events in support of World Cancer Day’s cause have already been listed on the World Cancer Day’s Map of Impact, ranging from charity walks to film screenings to research meetings.

How Astellas is getting involved?

As part of its commitment to the field of oncology, last year Astellas supported the launch of World Cancer Day’s three-year ‘We Can. I Can’ campaign, raising awareness to show the public that everyone can play a role in the fight against cancer.

This year will be no different as Astellas will continue its support of the World Cancer Day cause. Astellas will be taking part in Support through Sport by promoting its yearly #Pass4Prostate and #Basket4Bros social media campaigns which both aim to raise funds for prostate cancer research.

Astellas will also be promoting video interviews with the recent C3 Prize winners – awards that celebrate innovations in cancer care – to bring to life the latest inspirational ideas making a real difference to cancer patients.

If you or your organization are interested in supporting this year’s World Cancer Day, visit the World Cancer Day 2017 website here.


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Be active – in every sense – and support World Cancer Day 2017

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