Hints and tips from Change Together and friends

Oct 23, 2018
Hints and tips from Change Together and friends

Whether you are preparing patient education materials or lobbying the top echelons of government, we can all learn from each other sometimes.

In this article, we have gathered together some practical advice on going about your everyday work. Contributed by Change Together’s reporting team, fellow advocates and experts in other industries, these hints and tips all have one thing in common: they are designed to help you do the best job you can for the people you represent.

  1. How to improve your government relations – no matter the size of your patient advocacy group

Anne DarConte, CAE, Advocacy Professional at HillStaffer shares her top tips for achieving your government relations goals – no matter what the size of your organization.

  1. Building a collaborative culture in your patient advocacy organization

Pamela Green, author, coach, and speaker at this year’s American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) meeting, provides her seven simple tips to building a collaborative culture.

  1. How to be a successful patient advocate

Dialysis Patient Citizens (DPC) share their tips on ensuring members have a voice, and help others have one too, in an ever-changing healthcare world.

  1. Safeguarding your patient advocacy events

Paul Roetert, CEO of SHAPE America and Eileen Johnson, partner at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston L.L.P., present their tips on safeguarding your conferences and events.

  1. Preparing for the upcoming medical conference season

Each conference offers its own wealth of information and myriad networking opportunities that can be overwhelming if you are underprepared. Here we present our hints and tips to ensure you can get the most out of these events.

  1. Getting the most out of fundraising

Fundraising is an enormously competitive field. In the U.S. there are roughly 1.5 million not-for-profits. How are you going to take yourself out of all that noise, rise up above it, and make people take you seriously? Here are three ways you can raise money at a relatively low cost.

  1. Getting the most out of networking

Conferences, summits and meetings are all great networking opportunities. But it can sometimes be a daunting task. Here are our top tips to building great contacts.

  1. Tips for incorporating health literacy best practices into your patient materials

Health literacy is important to everyone. All people, at some point in their lives, need to be able to access, understand and act upon health information. Here are our tips to help you develop and design effective health information materials that follow the principles of health literacy.

Hints and tips from Change Together and friends

Astellas Patient Advocacy is a function within Corporate Affairs at Astellas that focuses on creating, building and maintaining third-party relationships. We serve as a conduit between Astellas and external stakeholders to help improve patient outcomes, improve access issues and address patients’ unmet needs head on.

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