Five top tips to optimize your marketing strategy

Oct 27, 2016
Five top tips to optimize your marketing strategy

With the turn of the century came the advent of a host of new platforms designed to maximize an organization’s visibility, engagement and influence – platforms which, like any other sector, patient advocacy groups can employ as part of a solid marketing plan that helps achieve its objectives. Here are some key considerations for your organization when developing a marketing plan.

  1. Embrace the concept of the ‘Internet of Me.’ The idea that everyone has a personal connection with the internet and chooses the way they want to interact forms the basis of the ‘Internet of Me’ approach. Organizations need to develop an omni-channel strategy, i.e., a cross-channel approach, to ensure messaging is received by a broad digital audience.
  2. Understand where your audience is spending most of its time. The chances are your audience is spending a significant proportion of time utilizing digital media, be that advocacy websites, blogs or social media. Your marketing strategy should be grounded in digital channels and supported by other traditional marketing channels.
  3. Mobile isn’t the future – mobile is now! Mobile phones are the primary internet access device for the majority of U.S. residents. Producing and supplying content that’s designed for mobile, where your targeted audience interacts most, therefore makes sense. Mobile also offers a huge selection of techniques and methods to engage your audience, including apps, ‘gamification’ or SMS text-based communications.
  4. Don’t restrict your marketing to a single channel. Yes, mobile is important, but with such a wide range of channels available to enable organizations to engage with their communities, sticking to one doesn’t make sense. Electronic newsletters, blogs, dedicated email blasts, social media and even traditional media such as print and direct mail are all valuable channels.
  5. Social media is important – but not the only way to reach your audience. Due to its overwhelming popularity in modern life, it’s easy to think that social media could be all that’s needed for a successful marketing plan. It should indeed be considered, however it is NOT the only channel. As described above, there are many other ways for you to reach your audience.

Building a marketing strategy is a long and complex process. However, incorporating the above tips into your organization’s plan should help you create a more solid marketing strategy, in turn helping you on your way to better engagement with your audience.

Five top tips to optimize your marketing strategy


Jeff Spock is currently the CEO at JSJD Media, an emerging leader in non-dues revenue generation solutions for Associations and School Districts nationwide under the Association Revenue Partners and School Revenue Partners brands respectively.  Jeff is a veteran in marketing and technology space previously building and leading large digital sales divisions for industry leading brands like ReachLocal, American Marketing & Publishing, and Multiview.

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