Ten tips to get your voice heard in a noisy world

Sep 11, 2018
Ten tips to get your voice heard in a noisy world

From social media to traditional communication methods, there’s a lot of competing messages out there – and the advocacy space is no exception. So how do you make sure your campaign doesn’t get lost in the maelstrom?

Whether you are advocating for new legislation, patient rights or trying to get media visibility, these 10 top tips are designed to help you get your message heard.

  1. Remember your organization’s purpose: Whenever talking about any marketing strategy, your starting point is to really hone in on what your organization’s purpose is. Why do you exist? And in what way is this campaign linked to that purpose?
  1. Plan: It’s important to have a detailed plan. What exactly is your message and how are you going to get it out there? What is the best way to communicate with the audience you want to talk to? Refer to data where you can.
  1. Test: Before jumping straight in, carry out your plan on small scale. Think of this as a pilot or trial run so you can iron out any kinks before the big launch.
  1. Check: Review and analyze the results of your pilot to see what worked, what could have been done better and how. You may have had more engagement on a particular social media platform than you were expecting, or even gained more traction via traditional media.
  1. Act: Go back to the drawing board, armed with everything you have learned from your pilot project. How would you adapt your plan knowing what you know now? 
  1. Listen: One of the most important things about communicating is listening. We spend so much time thinking about the message we want to get across,  but we also need to intentionally and authentically listen to what the audience is saying to us. If we don’t, the message will not resonate with them. 
  1. Keep it clear: The medical field is littered with acronyms and jargon. To make sure your message resonates, keep it simple and speak in the same language as the people you are talking to.
  1. Be prepared: When your campaign goes live, have a bank of pre-written social media posts for the leaders of your organization ready. They should include your campaign’s key messages and can be shared alongside their usual posts.
  1. Measure: We can’t learn from campaigns if we do not measure their success. Some of the simplest ways to measure results is to look at your website analytics and social media metrics. Another easy tool is Google Alerts, which will send you updates when your campaign is mentioned online.
  1. Be authentic: Amid all the social media activity, media coverage, press representatives and spokespeople, the importance of a meaningful, authentic, two-way conversation can be missed. Think back to your purpose and make sure your tone of voice reflects that.

It’s a noisy world and we are confronted by reams of information and data every day. These simple tips will help you to be heard so you can convey the meaning and the purpose of your message.

Ten tips to get your voice heard in a noisy world

Laurel Nelson-Rowe is Director, Strategic Communications and Content, at ISACA, a global association serving individual professionals and enterprises in business technology audit, risk, governance, information and cybersecurity. Before joining ISACA’s Leadership Team in 2016, Laurel was Managing Director then Executive Director, Enterprise Business, at the American Society for Quality (ASQ) for 13 years. Prior to work in association management, Laurel served in executive leadership roles at Perot Systems, CMP Media/United Business Media and United Air Lines, and other industry leaders.

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